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Friedlander Partners’ story

Betsy Friedlander is passionate about helping individuals and organizations seize opportunities for growth. Friedlander Partners serves two distinct groups, companies in need of executive search AND individuals who need career management services. We help companies find top talent and job seekers make the best career decisions—just as Betsy has for more than 35 years. Since 1984, she has launched and grown both search firms and career management firms. Experience in each business made her more effective at delivering outstanding results in the other. Extensive work with companies in search of talent led to more effective coaching of talented employees during their job search, just as increasing her career counseling expertise led to more effective assessments of candidates during any given search.

Now, after three and a half decades Betsy is proud to launch a unique Washington DC based firm to combine the best of both worlds. Organizations can turn to the Search Consultants of Friedlander Partners when they need to find and hire top talent. Those same organizations can turn to the Career Management Coaches of Friedlander Partners for outplacement services when employees are displaced during times of organizational change. Individuals also can turn to Friedlander Partners for Career Development Coaching and support during a job search or career transition.

Her team of experienced professionals is committed to providing truly innovative and superior search consulting services as well as remarkably effective career coaching. All members of her team work closely with the business community and employ proven methods as well as cutting edge techniques. They possess exceptional strategic skills, extensive knowledge, and are committed to listening and understanding the needs of all clients.

Whether you’re responsible for search and staffing at your company or in the midst of a transition and need career management support—Friedlander Partners will meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Contact us to learn more about the many ways our consultants and coaches can support your goals.

Social Responsibility

Friedlander Partners, LLC is committed to providing pro bono services to not-for-profit organizations that deliver employment coaching services to disadvantaged populations. We invite service providers from such organizations to join our webinars and gather information and techniques to apply in their own employment coaching. We invite clients of Friedlander Partners to introduce us to nonprofit groups in the field of job coaching.

Betsy Friedlander, President

Betsy Friedlander, renowned expert in the fields of Executive Search and Career Management Coaching, works with companies throughout the US who seek to hire top talent as well as employees in career transition due to downsizing, mergers, and acquisitions. She has helped hundreds of individuals land new opportunities during her career.

Her manual How to Land Job Offers: The Art of Generating Job Opportunities is very well regarded in the industry as is her career coaching work around The Invisible Resume®, most recently showcased on NBC news in Washington DC.

Betsy speaks to audiences around the country about what they can do to create new career options. She also provides guidance to University career centers and has worked with American University, Georgetown University, University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School of Business, and George Washington University. Betsy has grown 3 separate businesses during her distinguished career and holds both a BA and MS from Boston University.


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