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When a career coach is not enough

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When a career coach is not enough

Sometimes a career coach is not enough. Career coaches are great at giving you information about how to do an effective job search. Career coaches can suggest activities in which you need to engage to help you in your search. They can recommend what level of productivity needs to occur to generate a return. But many people need more than this to land the next career opportunity.

Many people need a different type of help. They need a career catalyst. A career catalyst can analyze what you are doing in job search, diagnose your problem and provide an intervention to set you on the right path. What I have learned after forty years of working with job seekers is that people know what they are supposed to do but often can’t do it effectively. People manage their job search the way they manage their lives.  So one can assume that the things we find challenging in life can become obstacles in job search. It is the job of the career catalyst to provide you with a lens to see how you are currently managing your job search and what you need to do differently to succeed.

 Job seekers, with whom I have worked, find this process enlightening and empowering because they come to understand what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong and what they need to do to correct their mistakes. Once job seekers make the needed corrections they are better able to land interviews, interview effectively and generate offers. For more information