Search and Staffing Services for Corporate Clients

Companies want to attract top talent who will be a great fit for both the position and the company culture. Retaining Friedlander Partners is a perfect solution when you want exceptional Search and Staffing services provided by experienced consultants. We have a robust research arm and consultants with successful track records in the search industry. Our consultants are trained listeners and bring a career coaching mindset to their work. To promote long-term fit, candidates are vetted against job requirements, company culture, and career objectives.

Whatever your company size or industry, our Search and Staffing consultants bring unique insights to finding talent for positions in any area. They all are well versed in the art of placement and they take advantage of proprietary resources, including our proven methodology.

Engagement Assessment

First, we interview stakeholders and assess the culture to determine core company values, mission, dominant beliefs, ethical boundaries, and expected behaviors. With a clear picture of what matters to you, we can qualify prospects much more effectively.

Marketing Piece

We then develop a company profile (size, industry, company location, unique aspects, and company culture) to help potential candidates discover the benefits of working for you.

Position Specifications

We design a comprehensive job description that includes necessary skills , experience, credentials, and the role and responsibilities of the position.


We identify talented candidates at competing companies, on professional networking web sites, and in databases developed for retained recruiting. By identifying thought leaders in the field, we also create a network to reveal promising candidates now and in the future. Our careful screening includes a full review of candidate qualifications and history, followed by performance assessments, interviews, and compatibility evaluations.

Candidate Development

Utilizing our unique cross-section of skill sets, we are able to understand the professional backgrounds, skills , experience, values, career goals, motivational drivers, and personal traits of each candidate.

Background Analysis

We provide reference checks, background investigations, and additional personality testing to ensure that the candidate will be a great fit for the position.

Negotiations and Offer

We assist in designing and presenting a successful offer, and work with candidates during their resignation process.



“I’ve enjoyed a very rewarding relationship with Betsy Friedlander over the years. She has sourced top talent for my company and gone the extra mile to ensure that each candidate is a great fit to become a long- tenured employee. I’m glad that I can continue to rely on Betsy and Friedlander Partners for my placement needs in the future.”

Tom Mathews
Executive Vice President Human Resources
Time Warner Cable, Inc.

“Betsy has started her own firm and has simply outstanding credentials as an executive level recruiter. She has helped HeiTech Services identify and qualify several members of our C-Suite, and they are incredible. If you have reservations about previous unsuccessful experiences with search firms (much like I did) let me put your fears aside. Betsy solidly delivers and has exceeded all of our expectations.”

Heidi Gerding
Chief Executive Officer
Heitech Services, Inc.


“Over the years, Betsy has provided top-notch career services to me both personally and professionally. She always looks for the best possible match for the individual and the company with an eye toward developing long-term placements and relationships. Betsy provides much more than professional search capability; she helps develop career success for the company and the candidate.”

Janice Bogash
Human Resource Executive