Career Management & Coaching Services

For Company Outplacement & Individuals in Career Transition

Whether you want to move up the career ladder at your current company or find the next job that’s right for you, Friedlander Partners will help you understand the art and science of a successful career transition campaign. We understand that the skills and knowledge you need to succeed at your present position may not be the same as the skills and knowledge you need to generate new opportunities. We take you to where the rubber meets the road and show you how to generate opportunities for yourself.

Friedlander Partners customizes every program to the individual needs of each person in transition. Our coaches diagnose the ways you address each phase of your career transition campaign and ensure a better outcome by teaching you how to be more effective incorporating your own individual style. Our unique approach helps you to feel more comfortable and confident about yourself.

Career Management coaches at Friedlander Partners will introduce you to cutting-edge skills such as managing perceptions, creating rapport with interviewers, and establishing trust—all of which play a critical role in getting the offer you want. Each coach will offer realistic advice based on his or her experience with the hiring community. All of our coaches also work with businesses and organizations to stay current on which companies are hiring and what they are looking for.

And we know we can teach you how to generate new work opportunities as you move confidently into the future.

Our Programs and Process

We offer three fully customizable program levels priced to fit your budget.

Executive Level Program

Management Level Program

Entry Level Program

First, you will be introduced to your own coach. You will have regular coaching sessions that will provide the traditional career transition services:

Career transition manual

Webinars on the how-to’s of job search, including researching, networking, interviewing, and negotiating

Guidance on starting your own business or buying a franchise

Our coaches will help you diagnose how you are doing at every step of the process and provide you with feedback to help you be more effective and increase the chances for success.

Each program pairs you with a Career Management coach, who designs a customized career transition program to meet your needs. Our programs take advantage of a proven 8-step methodology—and coaches guide you every step of the way.

Our programs also give you access to useful templates, assessment tools, virtual coaching, educational webinars, and podcasts—in addition to a wealth of informational resources designed to build on your strengths and improve your weaknesses

Most importantly, our coaches have diagnostic skills to provide on-point coaching, intuitive skills to offer new insights and perspectives on how you can generate opportunities, and dedicated support so that you can manage your career transition successfully.

Contact us for pricing details.

Step 1 Complete an assessment to gain the self-knowledge you need to make the most of your next career move.

Step 2 Develop your personalized career strategy and establish both short- and long-term goals.

Step 3 Craft resumes that effectively market you to specific target audiences.

Step 4 Receive coaching on techniques for networking, cold calling, informational interviewing, job interviewing, and negotiating.

Step 5 Use the Web to research companies, people, and job postings effectively.

Step 6 Learn new tools to manage perceptions during your job search and beyond.

Step 7 Practice proven approaches that develop rapport with interviewers and other decision makers.

Step 8 Begin to generate new work opportunities.


“Betsy has been a tremendous source of support in my career over the past 10 years, as a search consultant, career coach, and confidant. She asks the right questions, is an active listener, dispenses spot-on advice, and most importantly, is someone who genuinely cares. It is without reservation that I provide the highest level of recommendation for Betsy and wish her continued success.”

Scott Himelstein
Compensation Executive

“Betsy’s direct approach really helped keep me motivated during my recent search for employment. She taught me to think out side my comfort zone and inspired me to try new and innovative approaches to getting my resume into the 'right' hands.”

Cindy Rush

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